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Active Video
The portion of the display time in which visible video data is present.  The rest of the display time is blanking time.

Analog to Digital Converter.  The component that digitizes analog signals.

Active Matrix LCD.  LCD technology which uses an active driver, typically a thin film transistor (TFT), at each sub pixel position to obtain the best switching time to achieve the best contrast ratio and response time.
Analog Interface
The interface to a flat panel component or flat panel monitor is analog vs. digital.
Analog LCD
Capable of displaying an infinite amount of colors.
Analog RGB
The Red, Green, and Blue components of a video signal are analog vs. digital.
Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio of a display is the ratio of the number of horizontal display pixels vs. the number of vertical display lines.  The aspect ratio of a pixel is the physical dimensions horizontal vs. vertical.  For most TVs and computer displays, the aspect ratio is 4:3, for HDTV, the ratio is 16:9.
Advanced Television Standards Committee formed to define the next generation specification for broadcast television.
Back Porch
The time from the sync signal to active video.
The method of providing light for an FPD.  Typical backlights are CCFT (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube) or electro-luminescent.
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